In general Istanbul weather follows the full cycle of four seasons. You should be ready for snow in winter, rain in spring/autum, and a hot summer. Istanbul is also a rather humid city which can be moderately discomforting in the summer months, and make the cold chillier in the winter months (like Britain).

Below are specific seasons and what to expect/wear:


Summer starts from mid-May in Istanbul and lasts until mid-September. The hottest months are July and August when you can expect to see average day temperatures of 27 C (81 F) and above 11 hours of sunshine. The nights should alter between warm and mild.

What to bring/wear

You should take summer accesories (hats, sunglasses) and comfortable light clothing. Rainy days should be rare (4-5 days a month), and rainy spells shouldn’t take long.


Typically betwen mid-September to mid-November. Expect temperatures between 15-20 C (60-70 F) day time, about 1/3 chance of a rainy day. Days can alternate between nice summery days and rainy spells.

What to bring/wear

You should take some summery clothes, but also be ready for cooler weather and light rain.


What can be considered as winter is between mid-November to mid-March. Coldest of these are January and February where the temperature can drop below 0 C (32 F) occasionally, and there can be spells of snow. Also expect about half the days to be cloudy. Nevertheless, it is not very surprising to find spells of sunshine during the winter season which may be rather pleasant due to the lack of hot weather.

What to bring/wear

You should be ready for cold weather and rain, even snow, especially in January and February. The humid weather makes the weather feel colder even if the temperatures don’t suggest it. It is a good idea to bring headgear that covers the head and a winter coat. You should also consider taking a set of lighter clothing should the weather turn nice.


Istanbul’s short spring takes place between mid-March and mid-May. The air is typically fresh with lessened chance of rain compared to winter. Expect spells of mildy warm (but not stiffening) sunny days with occasional rainy and cloudy days.

What to bring/wear

Rain/wind coats and long sleeved clothing should generally be fine. Expect some windy/rainy/cloudy days, but it should be mostly pleasant bright weather. A set of summery clothing could come in handy.


Handy factual data on Istanbul can be found at BBC Weather (external link) and Weatherbase (external link)